2019 Finishing the Year ..

I realize I never followed up on my blog with how the remaining season went last season 2019 for our Team Colavita.


Sometimes 'setbacks' can be another way to step back and review.. and see what the body is telling you.


I was very determined to come back from my injury. The physical therapy was very painful- I found the shoulder injury being the most uncomfortable. However, I had a good physical therapist, Dan at Denton Sports & Physical therapy. I treated my rehab with top priority, that meant being diligent about doing what was good for the brain ; body. I believed from the beginning that I would come back as I focused on doing the best recovery ever. I made sure I was eating very healthy and using clean, food. Mostly grain free, Lots of Vegetables, with health boosting seasonings, such as turmeric, rosemary, garlic, pepper, In addition to making sure every meal was intentional. - I also didn't drink any alcohol. I increased my meditation , sometimes I would have to do the breath work in the middle of the night during this recovery time. The Red Light therapy device, has a lot of health benefits, one boosting the mitochondrion cells it helps promote sleep one of the biggest claims, but for me it helped with pain. After I returned to racing, I traveled with my joovv /red light device. I continue using this device daily.




Our team finished on top. Winning the Team Competition for the USA CRITS Series. We also picked up the Best Young Rider with Natalia Franco winning that competion and Laurel coming in third. We couldn't have done it without the support of our sponsors. Colavita and Bialetti Being apart of the team success meant a lot from coming back from an injury. Laurel Rathbun had retired, and Joleen Holland decided to sit out with the traveling schedule and work with her cycling team in Austin ,Tx. Natalia, signed with 20/20 with the ambition to race stage races.


We also Hit Gateway Cup, One of our favorite 4 day criterium races. Well, really all of the 4 day crits are our favorite! We have great hosts for all of our races, Paul & Susan Saur hosted our team along with a couple other riders for Gateway Cup . They live on the Friday night Course. Lafayette Square. Natalia, Yussily Soto and myself raced . The first night the race was delayed due to the weather. It had been raining all day on the course, and I recall it was a bit chilly with the rain. We began and shortly after it had began raining,- It was dark , and I spent a lot of time on the outside, riding with the wind.. I figured it would be a way out if I needed it. Last Lap , I got pushed a little out coming into the 3rd corner to the finish- however, I realized I flatted and it may have been a blessing in disguise. The next day, We raced Tour De Francis Park, I ended up 5th and I came from pretty far back- after being boxed in. So I was feeling pretty confident on my sprint. The Giro Della Montagna "the Hill" is one of my favorite courses - I actually was feeling amazing, and it perfect position - I was going to jump early on the hill , however, Olivia Ray jumped exactly at that time- and everyone responded. - and I ended up in a line to the 2nd last corner- and I couldn't get enough ground to move up on the downhill sprint. The last day is truly one of the harder races- I had my teammates cover moves, and I followed moves I felt I needed to. Natalia and Yussily did a great job. The pace was fast leading into the final lap into the final turn, and I began to jump on the inside and sprint, and had a mili pause, as Emily Flynn came out of her pedal, I rekicked my sprint, and ended up 2nd. I had the momentum to win this but super happy to pull off a podium on the final day of my 2019 Road Season. Or Crit Season.


Podium GateWayCupsue & paul Hosts St.Louis



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Rick Kelley Earns Leadville 100 Belt Buckle!

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Congrats to client, Rick Kelley for well exceeding his goals . He worked hard and it paid off!!

State Cross Champs!!

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Congrats to Justin Wallace! Cat-2 State Champ, raced again in the Cat-1 and placed 5th


Justin placed 2nd in the Age based the following day. (behind Fawley)


Congrats to Spears!!! Cat-3 State Champ



Weekend Races- Cycle Cross and Mountain Bike Races

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Congrats to those that Raced This past Weekend!


NorthShore -Grapevine mtn bike race


Lucas Brusseau- 1st place

Josh Clark - 3rd place



A great turn out at Grapevine, NorthShore, funds to go back to the trail.


Houston Cross Race (Day-1)

Bryan Fawley -1st

Justin Wallace- 2nd place



Justin W- 4th



Marathon Palo Duro Canyon Results

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Congrats to all of those that made the long drive, and Long Mountain Bike Race!


40 Class

 2nd Place John Larson



4th James Sanchez


Nov.12-14, Talihena,Oklahoma, Camp-

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We have one Cabin currently Open if anyone is interested.  This is a 2 night stay (minimum) for the cabin. We will do a pot luck dinner for Friday evening.


Friday, arrive and ride for those that come in that day.

Saturday is our long Road Ride.  We will have Sag support for the 95 mile ride on Saturday. Sunday we will do a 40mile ride for those that want to ride on Sunday.


You will need to bring your own supplies ; all food as far as nutrition on the bike food; all meals.



If you are interested, please contact me ASAP, We've had a cancelation and will need to know by Wednesday evening. Nov. 10, 2010


email: Christina

24 Hours of Rocky Hill Results

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24hrs Solo Men

5th James Sanchez

Sansom Park Race Results

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Mountain Bike Race at Sansom Park


19-29 2nd  Lucas Brussaeu (Little Tristen Uhl won)

            3rd Josh Clark


7th Toby

Women: Ginny King Won 19-39, Kim Chance Won 40+


Women: 1st :Tammy W.

Cat -3

 2nd Josef

More Dorba Race Results can be found here:

Georgia to host the 2011&2012 Road,TT;Crit Nationals

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June 21-26 2011, Augusta, Georgia will host Road,TT;Crit Nationals


2012 dates June 18-24  2012

O.N.C.P. Dorba Race Results

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Mountain bike Race Results for D.O.R.B.A. race #1. ONCP(Oak Cliff)


Expert 19-29

 1place Lucas Brusseau

 2nd Bryan Fawley

 6th Josh Clark


Expert 30-39

 6th Toby Smith

Expert 40-49

2nd Larson


Sport Men

3rd Steve Innes

Sport Women

1st Tammy Wallace


Women's Single Speed- 1st place, Inna Innes


For more results, Check out the link below.

August 22, 2010




Leadville 100 Mtn bike Race

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Congratulations to Justin Wallace and Josh Clark, for completing the Leadville 100!!!

Justin Wallace : 8 hrs 30 minutes


Josh Clark: 9 hrs 50 minutes


Check back for a Race Report !!