Athlete Testimonies

Christina is a fantastic coach. Being a competitive racer herself she understands the hard work and dedication needed to achieve your goals, but she also understands how critical it is to listen to your body. I can't recommend her enough to anyone looking to advance their cycling needs. - Porsha Stockton Murdock
I never thought I could go from barely finishing an 8 mile, cat 3 mountain bike race on a flat Dallas trail to completing Leadville only 2 years later but with Christina's wisdom and strategic workouts I made it happen!  She has done an incredible job walking me through my goals and the steps it takes to get there. If you want to see results and are willing to work hard, I highly recommend Christina as a cycling coach.  - Sheree Benavides
Cycle Smith Coaching has by far surpassed my expectations in what I was searching for in a coach. Christina Gokey-Smith’s extensive education and experience competing at the elite level of multiple cycling genres gives her insight into training her athletes both on and off the bike. I believe that what sets Gokey-Smith apart from other cycling coaches is her focus on nutrition, form on the bike (based from her equestrian background), and mental toughness and mindfulness. I would absolutely recommend her services her anyone looking to take their cycling to the next competitive level or learn how to be more efficient as a recreational cyclist. - Chelsea Reedy
Christina is amazing. She's warm, understanding, and incredibly passionate about racing.  - Joshua Clark

Christina not only helped me improve my cycling fitness and handling skills but also my mental game and overall approach to training and racing. She takes a holistic view of your life in terms of time available to train, stresses, goals, etc and formulates a plan for success. She helped me nail down things that were really unnecessary distractions (e.g pre-race routine, nutrition) that enabled me focus on what I needed to focus on (which she also helped dial in). I regularly refer to her notes from our discussions, as I need those helpful reminders / tips. While she often reminded me race results aren’t everything and frequently out of our control, she did coach me to my first leader’s jersey in a State Elite Series (CX), first State Championship (CX – age-group), and many podium finishes and Nationals representation. - Tracy Martin

Christina has been integral in helping me achieve my goals. She is personally vested in each athlete she coaches and it shows in her instruction and guidance on and off the bike! - Jessica Smith

As a serious racer 20 something years ago, I had 3 basic rides: long and slow, intervals, or tempo, with really very little rhyme or reason as to what I did on a given day.  Fast forward to 2015, when I started working with Coach and I was overwhelmed with the new training modality that included power meters, HR variance, and on and on.  With a more than full time work load, I had no time to figure it out myself.  This is where Coach comes in…Christina keeps me focused, on task and moving forward in a way that I’m not over-trained, but ready on race day.  And there’s a certain degree of accountability when I look at a workout and it is mind numbingly hard - I know that Coach is doing what I’m doing and more which makes my willingness to get out there and suffer that much greater. - Derrick Birdsall